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Stimulus Updates
Modified: Nov 18, 2013 12:57 PM

City Assistance Programs


Neighborhood Stabilization Program - NSP 
The purpose of the NSP is to provide targeted assistance to state and local governments to acquire and rehabilitate foreclosed upon residential properties that might otherwise become a source of blight within communities.
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Bank on St. Pete
Bank On St. Pete is a partnership between participating banks, credit unions, social service and non-profit organizations in the community to help people without a checking or savings account learn to manage their money and save for the future. For more information about Bank On St. Pete, a list of partner banks  and credit unions, and how you can get on the road to financial freedom, visit or call 211.

Lien Amnesty Program
St. Petersburg property owners with liens on their properties due to code violations could receive relief through an innovative new program allowing them to erase their burden by paying only a fraction of their penalty.  The limited-time program applies to all property owners who have had liens placed against their properties by the Code Enforcement Board or a Special Magistrate because of safety violations, neglect, or other reasons.
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Foreclosure Information
Find answers to all your foreclosure inquiries. The online virtual workshop provides residents with vital information plus other resources.
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Social Service Programs
Provides support to social service programs that enhance the quality of life and positively impact residents of St. Petersburg.
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Housing Assistance
The city offers loans to qualified applicants who wish to purchase and occupy new or existing homes within the city limits. Home buyer assistance loans can be used for down payment, closing costs and / or interest rate buy down. These loans are offered at 0% interest and are either repaid at 0% interest over 10 years or deferred for 30 years.
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Multi-family Intervention Program
The new Multi-Family Intervention Program is geared to helping families residing in rental properties that have become threatened due to the landlord's financial insolvency, foreclosure, or mounting city codes violations. The goal of the program is to prevent the displacement of families, or to arrange housing to prevent those individuals from being placed on the street. More.