City of St. Petersburg


Meeting of JANUARY 30, 20149:15 A.M.

City Hall, Room 100


Members and Alternates:      Councilmembers William “Bill” Dudley, Steve Kornell, Wengay Newton, Darden Rice, and James Kennedy (alternate)


Support Staff:           Ken Betz, primary staff support and Brian Campbell, backup staff support


A.                Call to Order

B.                 Approval of Agenda

C.                 Approval of Minutes

1.                  January 16, 2014

D.                New Business

1.                  Honey Bee Infestation - Councilmember Kornell

E.                 Upcoming Meetings

1.                  February 13, 2014

(a)                Discussion:  Sec. 20-80 - Skateboarding on private or public property.

2.                  February 27, 2014

(a)                Sign Ordinance Updates - Dave Goodwin

3.                  March 13, 2014

(a)                Sea Level Rise - Mike Connors

F.                  Continued/Deferred Business -

1.                  Pending and Continuing Referral List

G.                Adjournment