St. Petersburg City Council





Meeting of JANUARY 17, 2013

8:00 AM  City Hall Room 100



Members & Alternate:       Chair James R. Kennedy, Jr.; Vice-Chair Steve Kornell; Councilmembers Wengay M. Newton Sr.; Karl Nurse; and Leslie Curran (alternate).


Support Staff:                  Jennifer Millet, Billindg & Collections & Thomas Hoffman, Finance Department


A.                Call to Order

B.                 Approval of Agenda

C.                 New Business

1.                  Selection of New Chair and Vice-Chair.

D.                Approval of Minutes

1.                  December 20, 2012

E.                 New/Deferred Business

1.                  Quarter Lease Report (Delinquent Rent) (Bruce Grimes)

2.                  Management Evaluation - Follow up discussion to 10/11/12 meeting (Chair Kennedy)

3.                  4th Quarter Grants Update (Wayne Finley)

F.                  Upcoming Meetings Agenda Tentative Issues

1.                  January 31, 2013

(a)                1st Quarter Lease Report (Bruce Grimes)

(b)               Resolution authorizing the Mayor or his designee to execute an amendment to the Agency Agreement between ASAP Homeless Services, Inc., and the City of St. Petersburg. (Joshua Johnson)

(c)                Community Brownfield Fund (Sophia Sorolis)

2.                  February 14, 2013

(a)                1st Quarter Financial Report ( Fritz/ Denise Labrie)

(b)               Review of funds legally available to borrow against for CIP projects (Fritz/Connors/Wolfe)

(c)                1st Quarter Grants Report (Wayne Finley)

G.                New Business Item Referrals -

1.                  Referrals (attached) - Review and re-prioritize referral list

2.                  Discuss possible management evaluations (attached) and ideas to bring forward to the Mayor.

H.                Adjournment