City of St. Petersburg


Meeting of January 13, 2011 – 9:15 A.M.

City Hall, Room 100


Members and Alternates:      Councilmembers Leslie Curran, William “Bill” Dudley, Karl Nurse,

                                      Herb Polson, Steve Kornell (alternate)


Support Staff:                    Rob Gerdes, staff liaison; Evan Mory, alternate



A.                 Call to Order

B.                 Approval of Agenda

C.                 Approval of Minutes

1.                  Minutes of December 16, 2010.

D.                 Continued/Deferred Business

1.                  Central Avenue Unified Corridor - presentation by Goliath Davis, Senior Administrator for Community Enrichment

2.                  Red Light Cameras Program - update by Joe Kubicki, Director of Transportation & Parking Management

E.                  New Business

1.                  Domestic Equipment Storage on City Streets - referred by Councilmember Newton - presentation by Gary Bush, Director of Codes Compliance Assistance in conjunction with a representative from the Police Department

F.                  Next Meeting - January 27, 2011

1.                  Use of QR codes on historic sites & points of interest - referred by Councilmember Newton - presentation by Rick MacAulay, Manager of Urban Planning, Design & Historic Preservation

2.                  Proposal to ban smoking on City beaches - referred by Councilmember Newton - discussion by Mark Winn, Assistant City Attorney

3.                  Potential impacts of solar panels in zoning districts - referred by the Community Redevelopment Agency - presentation by Derek Kilborn, Planner III

G.                 Adjournment

1.                  Referrals (attached)