City of St. Petersburg


Meeting of APRIL 25, 20139:15 A.M.

City Hall, Room 100


Members and Alternates:      Chair Bill Dudley; Vice-Chair, Jeff Danner, Council Members: Wengay Newton, Steve Kornell and Karl Nurse (alternate)


Support Staff:           Evelyn Rosetti, primary staff support and David Dickerson, backup staff support


A.                Call to Order

B.                 Approval of Agenda

C.                 Approval of Minutes

1.                  Minutes of April 11, 2013.

D.                New and Continued Business

1.                  Special Exceptions Update - Mark Winn

2.                  Bike Sharing Program - Joe Kubicki

E.                 Upcoming Meetings

1.                  May 9, 2013 -- Sidewalk Cafés

2.                  May 30, 2013 -- Mobile Food Trucks

3.                  June 13, 2013 -- Urban Farming

F.                  Pending and Continuing Referral List -

1.                  Referral List

G.                Adjournment