Meeting of March 22, 2012

8:00 AM  City Hall Room 100


Members & Alternate:         Budget, Finance & Taxation Committee: Chair James R. “Jim” Kennedy, Jr.; Vice-Chair Steve Kornell; Wengay M. “Newt” Newton Sr.; Karl Nurse; and Leslie Curran (alternate).


Support Staff:                     Liz Makofske, Budget Analyst III, Budget & Management

                                      Melinda Jenzarli, Senior Auditor, Audit Services


A.                Call to Order

B.                 Approval of Agenda

C.                 Approval of Minutes

1.            Minutes of March 8, 2012

D.                New Business

1.            1st Quarter Lease Report - Bruce Grimes, Real Estate & Property Management Director

2.            AWA Fixed Based Operator Agreement Update - Dave Metz, Downtown Enterprise Facilities Director & Bruce Grimes, Real Estate & Property Management Director

3.            Clarification on the use of "Rainy Day Funds" - Tish Elston, City Administrator & Denise Labrie, Budget and Management Manager

4.            Summer Workforce Readiness Program - Gary Cornwell, Human Resources Director & Theresa Jones, Community Affairs Manager

E.                 Continued/Deferred Business

1.            None.

F.                  Upcoming Meetings Agenda Tentative Issues

1.            April 12, 2012

a.       FY11 External Audit Report (Fritz)

2.            April 26, 2012

a.       2nd Quarter Grants Update (Finley)

G.                New Business Item Referrals

1.            Referrals (attached)